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Meal prep


Long nights and early mornings require a quick & easy fulfilling breakfast & meal prepped breakfast is hard to find in a delivery services, but look no further Bohemian Blendz understands the struggles of finding nutritious and affordable meals to start a busy workday. 



If you love oatmeal even in the warm weather, these overnight oats will do the job!. These Apple Pie Overnight Oats have no added sugar, yet remind you of leftover apple pie.

Smoothie packs

Our Smoothie Packs are designed to make having breakfast easier and more convenient than ever before. Each pack contains a perfectly portioned blend of fruits and vegetables. Simply add your favorite liquid and optional protein powder and blend for a delicious and nutritious treat on the go!

smoothie packets.jpg

Breakfast Bowl

These delicious Breakfast Bowls are your hearty breakfast on the go! It has your starch, veggies, proteins & cheese. What more could you ask for in a breakfast bowl!

Ready for someone else

to take care of Breakfast?

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