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Bohemian Blendz was born out of the desire to consume more fruits and vegatables outside of the standard recipes and to find more creative, convient and cost effective ways to eat healthyish.


To have all of those things in a chill, earthy atmosphere where you can be at peace with like minded souls is what creates our Bohemia. 

Bohemian Blendz wants to ensure that all of the Artsy, Noncomformist, Unconventional, Unorthodox, Free Spirited, and Eccentric souls have some where to convene.

So stay tuned for Bohemian Blendz stores.


What’s Available


Artistic people,

so Décor is our thing.

Save money & time,

let us Decorate

and exceed your expectations!

Were crafty and

think outside of the box,

let us help you

create the perfect menu

for your event

that will ensure

all your guest will have something to eat

no matter there dietary restrictions or preferences. 

We make responsible drinking worry-free for you and your guest. Our expert mixologists will ensure that your drink menu is fun and compliments your food menu & personal taste. 

Meal prep doesn't always have to be 100% healthy and it isn't always about Dinner 7 days a week.

Sometimes you just don't

have the time or energy to cook. Let us prepare your meals (Breakfast Lunch, Dinner, Dessert) for however many days you need. Satisfaction Guaranteed!


Bohemian Blendz has a rotating array of menu items,

but here you will find some of our staple products that should always be available.

All of our products are made with the freshest ingredients and because we believe in the "Flex" life

some of our drink products will contain added sugar and some of our food products will contain meat.

Other products to come!

  • Turmeric shots

  • Milk shakes

  • Protein Shakes

  • Soda Bar

  • A rotation of snacks & bites too match


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