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Meal prep

Free Shipping or Delivery
on Orders Over $100!

WE prep,
we cook,
we deliver,
you eat,
that's it!

Ready to eat breakfast, lunch, dinner & of course Dessert!

How it works


Pick your meal(s)

Order anytime, any day!

Choose up to 4 meals a day or a Meal prep package.

Pick your meals from our selection or request custom meal for an additional fee.


Place your order

We take care of the rest

Our company simplifies meal planning and preparation by handling grocery shopping and food prep details allowing you to enjoy delicious meals without stress. We keep your fridge stocked and bellies full!


Wait for your delivery

Name the place

We can deliver to your home or job, with flexible delivery time options to fit your schedule

Our Meal Prep service is the perfect solution for busy people on the go! Our fresh meals are made weekly & you can sign up for our subscription service for reoccuring orders as an added convenience. In addition we offer daily delivery in some areas and shipping is available for nationwide orders.

Now you can grab your breakfast and still make it to work on time.


For those who can't find the time to plan, shop, and prepare

well-balanced, healthy meals. 


For busy working people who want to eat healthy.


Satisfy your sweet tooth  with our delicious Meal Prep Dessert options, because lets face it, a meal isn't complete without dessert, right?

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