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Meal prep


At our Bohemian Blendz, we understand the struggles of finding nutritious and affordable meals during a busy workday. That's why we've created our lunch boxes, which are perfect for those who are looking for healthy and delicious options. Our menu is carefully crafted to offer a variety of options that cater to different dietary needs and preferences, so that everyone can enjoy a wholesome and satisfying lunch.

kale salad.jpg

Kale & Spinach salad

Our Kale & Spinach Salad is the perfect option for a healthy and hearty meal. Made with 2 fresh green leafy vegetables, red onions, carrots, gorgonzola cheese, pecans & you can customize your salad with your choice of strawberries, chicken, or shrimp, then top it off, with one of our delicious dressings to complement your add-in. This salad is a crowd-pleaser, order now and enjoy!

Oh & it comes with a bag of pretzels

Lemon pepper Chicken salad sandwich

Looking for a sandwich that's packed with flavor? Look no further than our Lemon pepper Chicken salad sandwich. Featuring delicious chicken salad on a wheat roll with mayo, cheese, tomato & romaine, this sandwich is the perfect blend of savory and satisfying. Don't forget the pickle and chips on the side to complete the experience!

Lemon pepper Chicken salad sandwich.jpg
turkey sandwhich.png

Sweet and Spicy
Turkey Sandwich

If you're looking for the ultimate flavor experience, try our Sweet and Spicy Turkey Sandwich. It's made with roasted turkey and pepperjack cheese, which is then topped with our homemade strawberry preserves- the perfect balance of sweet and spicy. We also offer the option to add spinach or roasted peppers to create a truly explosive sandwich experience.

Ready for someone else

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